GPS Tracking

You may know that a smart security system gives you a safer, more secure home. You’re aware that our smartphone app keeps you in control, in the know, and one step ahead of unusual activity.

But did you know just how helpful an home can be?

Just take Geo-Services. It’s an opt-in feature that does helpful things around your house when you’re leaving home or on your way back.

It uses your smartphone’s location on a digital map to understand where you are, and which direction you’re headed. With a few simple Geo-Services rules set up in your dashboard, several things become easier.

Easily Track and Monitor Things of Value – Vehicles, Machinery, Equipment – Virtually Any High-Value Asset

Uplink GPS offers turn-key vehicle and asset tracking solutions for commercial and residential customers. Our solution provides you with an opportunity to extend your relationship beyond the boundaries of traditional security solutions by adding asset tracking for your customers as an additional recurring revenue source. Security dealers may also benefit from GPS solutions by tracking and monitoring their own fleets as they service their alarm customers in the field.

Featuring several device tracking options along with a cloud-based asset tracking software application, Uplink GPS uses an interactive mapping feature that can be viewed on any desktop, smartphone or tablet device.

Our easy-to-use solution helps you effectively manage your assets with options such as:

  • View all vehicle and asset locations
  • Click-to-locate
  • Email notifications for unauthorized usage
  • Speeding violation notifications
  • Setup notifications for zone violations, ignition events, speed alerts, setup user logins, and more
  • Notifications for ignition events during designated time periods

Select from one of these devices based on your needs:

  • For Vehicle/Fleet Tracking: Uplink OBD & Uplink HW Device
  • For High-Value Asset Tracking: Uplink GPS AT
  • All 3 work with our mobile app, Uplink GPS.